James H. Snyder, Jr. handles both contested and uncontested divorces. Often the parties are in agreement that a divorce is inevitable. The hard part is establishing a working plan for co-parenting minor children and dividing assets and debts.

The need for immediate resolution of child custody issues, temporary spousal support, payment of bills and debts, and possession of the home, vehicles and etc. as well as concerns for long term security require prompt thorough preparation.

Experience and preparation allows the Law Office of James H. Snyder, Jr., to assist clients in reaching a prompt, fair, and hopefully amicable settlement. This experience and preparation also allows the parties to address all issues in mediation and the prompt trial of any issues which the parties cannot agree upon.

Several factors can increase the complexity of a divorce where one or both parties have high incomes or there are significant assets which need to be protected and properly distributed. Stocks, closely held businesses, and other assets without a readily ascertainable value can only be properly divided after proper planning by an experienced divorce attorney.

Child Custody and Support

The custody of children and their support is usually the paramount concern of parent who do not share the same residence. This can occur during a divorce or even post-divorce when changes in circumstances have made it appropriate to change the parenting plan which the parties have been following.

Parenting plans and the support of a child can be especially difficult where the parents have never been married. James H. Snyder, Jr. represents clients in Circuit, Chancery, Juvenile and General Sessions Courts to assure his clients have the opportunity for a meaningful relationship with their child and that the support of the child is set according to the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines or according to law.

Parental Relocation

Sometimes parents choose or need to relocate and this impacts the established Parenting Plan. James H. Snyder, Jr. has experience representing both parents who are relocating and parents who are being impacted by the other parent’s proposed relocation.

Grandparent Rights

Grandparent rights (usually involving the right of visitation) is an extremely difficult, technical and constantly changing area of family law. Parents’ roles are given great respect by the law. However, Grandparents often have a significant relationship with a child and are vindictively denied a meaningful role in their grandchildren’s lives for reasons unrelated to the child’s best interests.

Whether the reason is a family dispute, the death of one of the parents, or some other reason, this can be devastating to everyone. James H. Snyder, Jr. will assist you in obtaining the very best resolution to this very difficult conflict.


When parents are not married, establishing the rights of each parent is a matter best entrusted to an experienced family law attorney who has handled hundreds of paternity actions. James H. Snyder, Jr. has represented Mothers, Fathers and even decided these cases while serving as Juvenile Court Referee (now called Juvenile Court Magistrate).


Handling adoptions is one of the most satisfying experiences at the Law Office of James H. Snyder, Jr. Step-parents and other relatives who have been serving as the de facto parent for a child often desire to make the relationship more formal by adopting the child. If both biological (or “Natural”) parents agree, the adoption can be done quickly. Under some circumstances, the costs of an adoption home-study can be avoided.

Alternatively, there are times that the people who are providing care for a child must fight the biological parents to terminate their parental rights and to adopt the child. The fact that this can be difficult, complex and emotional litigation is offset by the knowledge that part of providing for the security of the child or children is handling the legal aspects of their guardianship. Other times, a birth mother and father recognize that another person or persons can best parent their child.

Regardless of the many ways that an adoption matter may present itself, it is essential to have an attorney who recognizes the complexity of adoptions and has experience in resolving the matter as efficiently as possible.

Domestic Violence

Situations involving domestic relationships can become strained and lead to serious charges and allegations involving one or more members of a household. James H. Snyder, Jr. has handled many such cases on both sides of the system: First as an Assistant District Attorney General (prosecutor) for six years and then as an experienced Maryville, Tennessee, Family Law Attorney. He will protect his client’s rights.

Often families experience difficulties as their marriage or relationship is disintegrating. Everyone is concerned about who will have custody of the children and how their financial security will be affected. This uncertainty is unhealthy for everyone. The professional resolution of these difficulties requires an experienced family attorney.

Regardless of why matters got out of control (or were falsely alleged to be out of control), it is important to promptly hire an experienced family law lawyer to address what happened and why. Timely decisions can then made be made on how everyone is going to move forward without the unnecessary drama that is both embarrassing and needless.

Other Family Law Matters

Family matters are by their very nature personal. None are identical. James H. Snyder, Jr. recognizes the importance of carefully listening to his client, discussing the best way of professionally resolving your family’s difficulty, and then following through with a plan of action, thorough preparation, and aggressive representation at all stages of his representation.

Prenuptial Agreements when properly prepared and necessary formalities are followed can provide a setting for a more financially secure future for both Husband and Wife.

Children may need representation in Juvenile Court because they have been charged with a crime (called a “delinquent” act) or a status offense (called an “unruly” act and includes allegations of being out past curfew, truancy, running away from home, disobeying a parent or guardian, etc.), or being “Dependent and Neglected.” Likewise, allegations of child abuse are devastating to the entire family. James H. Snyder, Jr. has practiced in Juvenile Court since 1990. He has handled some of the most serious cases and is able to represent you or your child.

Sometimes a child, an elderly family member, or loved one has difficulties such that they need someone to make important decisions for them or to be able to care for them. James H. Snyder, Jr. can help you establish a Conservatorship or advise you on your options and how to best resolve the difficult situations which arise from this type of family struggle.

Wills, Trusts, Probate

Providing for one’s family through a well drafted Will, inter vivos trust, Durable Power of Attorney, Advance Directive and other legal documents specifically tailored to your family’s needs is just as important as promptly responding to a lawsuit. Advance planning can save not only endless hours of worry and long lasting family disputes, it can save thousands of dollars.

Losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time for family, relatives, and friends. In addition, those left behind must often figure out how to transfer or inherit property from the person who has died. To do this, often you must go to court. Dealing with the courts and the property of someone who has died is sometimes very complicated. Family or relatives may be able to transfer property from someone who has died without going to court. But it is not always easy to tell whether you need to go to court or qualify to use a different procedure. If you do not know what the “next step” is, contact James H. Snyder, Jr. to discuss your situation and how he can assist you.