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James H. Snyder, Jr., is an experienced professional divorce lawyer with over 20 years experience.

James H. Snyder, Jr. will aggresssively fight to protect your interests because he understands that Family law involves emotional matters such as protecting your children, providing for their best interests, and obtaining financial security for both you and them.
James H. Snyder, Jr. will provide you an in-depth understanding of how your decisions today will impact your life today, tomorrow and forever. You must prepare early and thoroughly with the assistance of an experienced attorney who cares about you to obtain the very best result.

Don’t trust your future or the future of your children to anyone who is not committed to providing you with the most aggressive professional representation possible. Don’t leave anything to chance or to an inexperienced attorney.

Contested probate matters including conservatorships and will contests require experience, thorough preparation, and the willingness to litigate every necessary issue to be successfully resolved.

If you are looking for a professional, experienced, caring, divorce attorney who will carefully listen to your concerns and develop plan to efficiently address them; James H. Snyder, Jr. is ready to help you with all your family’s needs. During his career, he has successfully handled thousands of cases in Knoxville, Maryville, Blount County, Knox County, and surrounding counties.

He is willing to aggressively litigate the most difficult cases but because of his preparation is able resolve his clients’ legal matters through mediation or settlement negotiations.

James H. Snyder, Jr. brings the same attention to detail to the prompt, professional resolution of “simple” legal matters such as uncontested divorces, step-parent adoptions, and probate matters. While these types of cases may not involve litigation but if not done correctly initially may result in serious expensive problems later. The Law Office of James H. Snyder, Jr. is located on South Hall Road in Alcoa, Tennessee (the City Limits line for Maryville and Alcoa goes through his office).
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James H. Snyder offers professional experienced legal services.
If you need aggressive representation for a family law matter call us for more information.

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