Uncontested Divorce

January 5, 2015

Court of Appeals clarifies what constitutes mediation duress and that no hearing is necessary for entry of a Final Decree of Divorce based upon Irreconcilable Differences

Lori Kay Jones Trigg v. Richard Darrell Trigg E2014-00860-COA-R3-CV In an irreconcilable differences divorce case the trial court entered a final judgment of divorce without either party appearing that incorporated the parties’ mediated marital dissolution agreement (both of the parties’ attorneys were present apparently). Shortly thereafter, Husband filed a motion […]
January 2, 2015

Agreed Divorces

First:  Make sure you need a divorce.  Every marriage has its ups and downs.  If you believe there is any realistic chance in saving your marriage (and you are safe, there is not adultery, criminal activity or any other reason that you need to immediately remove yourself from the marriage), take every […]